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Chreestmas 2017

December 27, 2017

The day before yesterday was Christmas. I got a Nintendo Switch and two games. Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey. The first thing I did was play. It was so much fun. I’m ready for 2018!

I also went to the Stanley Park bright nights. It was fun but bad. After that my feet died. But my feet are back to normal in time for Christmas. I also went on the train. I saw snappy the gingerbread man. It was fun I guess.

the nightmare before christmas.

Orpheum and Arash’s Birthday

November 13, 2017

Yesterday I went to the Orpheum to see Verdi’s REQUIEM. It was boring and I almost fell asleep. First I saw the pre-concert which was the theme from E.T. and Hungarian Dance no.5 . There were loud drums but that just made me sleepy. My grandpa came. It was his first time and my second time.

On the 11th it was Remembrance day and Arash’s birthday. We had chocolate cake with mousse. We ordered pizza from Panago. I had the Brooklyn and Arash had Primo Capicollo. If you don’t  know who Arash is he’s my dad.

My Birthday Party

October 10, 2017

Last Monday was my birthday! On Saturday I had a birthday party; it was in Extreme Air Park. I gave invitations to my friends and most of them could come. It was filled with trampolines. There was a foam pit and my friend Ethan got stuck in it. We all tried to save him.

My presents were cool. I got a super Nerf bow. A giant minion. A drone. A Lego batman set. A Minecraft set. A plane launcher, not a real on. Last a remote control car. It was AWESOME!!!

My first day in grade four

September 21, 2017

It was my first day in grade four. It was good and easy. I made only one new friend.  His name is Jarid; he likes tag games and maybe Minecraft.

My class doesn’t go for P.E so instead we play capture the flag. Today I finally won! I’m pretty good at saving team-mates in jail but not good at catching a flag and protecting our teams flags aka bean bags. It was great!


Another Great Summer and My Grade 3 Days

September 2, 2017

2017-07-26 11.10.49

I had a great summer. I went to Whistler and had the best time. I wish I could go again. My favorite thing in Whistler is the hotel; it was the Delta Hotel. I also went on a bungee trampoline and the Mighty Jump. I went on a race too.

My friend moved away and I really miss him. It’s been 3 years since I posted on this blog. I’m going to grade four. I’m excited but kinda nervous. Grade three was awesome!

Keep Calm and Meditate!

September 11, 2014


2014-08-21 15.30.35

Right now I am still waiting for my school to start. There is a teacher’s strike, so my Daddy and Mommy are teaching me classes now. My kindergarten is finished, and I should be starting Grade 1 now, but I am learning reading and writing and maths and even German at home. Sometime the German guy plays chess, checkers or even backgammon with me. These are some new things I learned in the summer.

It was a very good summer because we did a lot of cool things. For example, I went bowling for the first time. At first, it was not much fun because all the bowling balls would get stuck on the side, but then I got better after some practice, and I liked it so much! I also liked going to the Van Dusen garden and am really good with the maze. We played the Minotaur, and I kept chasing Daddy and Mommy through the maze.

I also liked the fireworks better than before, but France was too smoky. And the Stanley Park Choo-Choo train was fun with some of our friends. I also liked all the parades, especially the Canada Day one because it was cool. And one of the best things was Cirque du Soleil. I even want to become a Circus of Soleil guy, the one that dances. Actually I have some shows at home for my Mommy and Daddy, which are called “Frozen Monster” and “Magic Wizard” and they liked both a lot.

So yes, it is a long time since I last posted here, but I was very busy with things. But even when I am busy, I know it is important to keep calm. There is a lot of construction work all the time and I can’t wait for it to finish, but for now I am preparing for my next show or maybe the next game of chess with my Daddy.

An Original Angry Birds Story Created by Me

December 22, 2013



Before my fifth birthday I came up with my first original story. I was saying it, and Daddy was writing it down. Then he read it to me a few times, and I corrected him on a couple of things. Daddy says that is called editing. Well, it sure feels good to have my own story on my favorite game. Here it is:

One Day Bomb Bird went to the pigs. Then he was going and he found an egg and one pig stole it. He tried and tried and then he exploded. Boom! The pig crashed to the pig’s machine. Then out of the ground came up the Space Pig. Then Bomb Bird saw that the pig with three eyes was driving it. A purple thing was coming from space and when he saw it he was surprised that it was Pink Bird. The pigs came and trapped her, but in the end Bomb Bird got all the pigs with Pink Bird’s help. With the machine the robot with two eyes grabbed the egg for Bomb Bird and Pink Bird.

The End

(because we ran out of space in our Angry Birds Space Coloring Book)


A great summer and my Kindergarten days

November 8, 2013

Arameis School

So it has been a long time since I last posted on this blog. In fact, it was about a year ago. Since then I have successfully graduated from my preschool with my graduate ceremony and certificate. Preschool was great fun and I have made a couple of friends, both of them girls.

My summer was pretty good. We did a lot of fun things like go on a boat tour, the night market, the many parades, and one of my most favorite: the big pink bus. It was a lot of fun to sit upstairs and watch everything from above. It was something I always wanted to do, and my Daddy took me on this trip.

Yet for the most part I was doing the countdown for the first day of kindergarten. I could not wait for the big day to arrive where I would get to hang out and play with the big boys in my new school. I was also curious to learn more about the hot lunch program and immediately liked the idea of recess.

When that day finally arrived, I ran to school. I was curious and excited. Since then I have also sometimes taken my bike to school. One of the scary moments was the Earthquake drill, but the good thing is that nothing bad happened; it was just pretend. And yes, I turned five. A hand full of fingers now shows my age; I can do many things on the playground I could not do a year ago.



First Day of Preschool yay!

October 4, 2012


So on my fourth birthday, I also had my very first official day of preschool! I have been so excited for many days and finally, I got to be a big boy and play and also learn new things at school! My teachers are so nice to me, and I even have my own name tag for my things there!

And then after I finished, we went to get a really yummy Angry Birds chocolate, and my Daddy gave me  a great present, an Angry Bird board-game that comes with the piggies and a slingshot! I’ve been playing with it and it is so good to have birthdays and preschools!

The Toopy and Binoo Show!

September 16, 2012

I still can’t believe I got to see the Toopy and Binoo Show last weekend! It was a long countdown; for more than a couple of months I had been waiting until my Daddy told me that *this day* we will go and see Toopy and Binoo! I still was not too sure what to expect.

When we got there, we saw lots of kids and they even had a parking for strollers. Although they had a booster seating, I got to sit on my Daddy’s lap for the entire show so I could see everything better. It was Toopy and Binoo’s room indeed; I recognized the blue couch. When Binoo entered, I could not believe my eyes and then Toopy showed up walking through the door.

They had many other characters from the show like the marsh-mellows, the octopus, the dusteroos and even fish lips, but my favorite was the shiny star. When they went all the way to space, she told Toopy that the perfect song he was looking for was in his heart, and it turned out to be for his best friend Binoo.

And finally, as we walked out, I was asking for a patchy-path and guess what? My Daddy got me one and I gave him (Patchy-patch) a big hug and was excited to take him home with me. Actually I gave him a ride on my stroller.