Keep Calm and Meditate!


2014-08-21 15.30.35

Right now I am still waiting for my school to start. There is a teacher’s strike, so my Daddy and Mommy are teaching me classes now. My kindergarten is finished, and I should be starting Grade 1 now, but I am learning reading and writing and maths and even German at home. Sometime the German guy plays chess, checkers or even backgammon with me. These are some new things I learned in the summer.

It was a very good summer because we did a lot of cool things. For example, I went bowling for the first time. At first, it was not much fun because all the bowling balls would get stuck on the side, but then I got better after some practice, and I liked it so much! I also liked going to the Van Dusen garden and am really good with the maze. We played the Minotaur, and I kept chasing Daddy and Mommy through the maze.

I also liked the fireworks better than before, but France was too smoky. And the Stanley Park Choo-Choo train was fun with some of our friends. I also liked all the parades, especially the Canada Day one because it was cool. And one of the best things was Cirque du Soleil. I even want to become a Circus of Soleil guy, the one that dances. Actually I have some shows at home for my Mommy and Daddy, which are called “Frozen Monster” and “Magic Wizard” and they liked both a lot.

So yes, it is a long time since I last posted here, but I was very busy with things. But even when I am busy, I know it is important to keep calm. There is a lot of construction work all the time and I can’t wait for it to finish, but for now I am preparing for my next show or maybe the next game of chess with my Daddy.


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