An Original Angry Birds Story Created by Me



Before my fifth birthday I came up with my first original story. I was saying it, and Daddy was writing it down. Then he read it to me a few times, and I corrected him on a couple of things. Daddy says that is called editing. Well, it sure feels good to have my own story on my favorite game. Here it is:

One Day Bomb Bird went to the pigs. Then he was going and he found an egg and one pig stole it. He tried and tried and then he exploded. Boom! The pig crashed to the pig’s machine. Then out of the ground came up the Space Pig. Then Bomb Bird saw that the pig with three eyes was driving it. A purple thing was coming from space and when he saw it he was surprised that it was Pink Bird. The pigs came and trapped her, but in the end Bomb Bird got all the pigs with Pink Bird’s help. With the machine the robot with two eyes grabbed the egg for Bomb Bird and Pink Bird.

The End

(because we ran out of space in our Angry Birds Space Coloring Book)



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