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The Toopy and Binoo Show!

September 16, 2012

I still can’t believe I got to see the Toopy and Binoo Show last weekend! It was a long countdown; for more than a couple of months I had been waiting until my Daddy told me that *this day* we will go and see Toopy and Binoo! I still was not too sure what to expect.

When we got there, we saw lots of kids and they even had a parking for strollers. Although they had a booster seating, I got to sit on my Daddy’s lap for the entire show so I could see everything better. It was Toopy and Binoo’s room indeed; I recognized the blue couch. When Binoo entered, I could not believe my eyes and then Toopy showed up walking through the door.

They had many other characters from the show like the marsh-mellows, the octopus, the dusteroos and even fish lips, but my favorite was the shiny star. When they went all the way to space, she told Toopy that the perfect song he was looking for was in his heart, and it turned out to be for his best friend Binoo.

And finally, as we walked out, I was asking for a patchy-path and guess what? My Daddy got me one and I gave him (Patchy-patch) a big hug and was excited to take him home with me. Actually I gave him a ride on my stroller.