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The Amazing Spider-Man

July 22, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Me at the Cineplex

This was my very first experience at the movie theatre. After watching the trailer, I was very impressed with the new Spider-Man movie, especially the scene where he saves the boy from a falling car. That was really the best scene of the movie.

What was also really cool was that the popcorn came with a Kinder Surprise. And we sat there in the dark and it was very good except I did not like the face of the bad guy very much. It was a little scary because he looked like a scary lizard. But good thing that my parents covered my face with a hat whenever he made his scary face.

I really liked going to the movie theatre and want to go again some other time. Next time when they have Cars 3, Iron Man 3 or maybe – and I am waiting for this movie anxiously and impatiently – Angry Birds the movie! That would be even better.