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April 21, 2012


Me on my tricycle

“I like to ride my tricycle, I like to ride my trike!”

Now pretty much every day I go out on my tricycle and I pedal away on the streets. It is good exercise and I can feel it in my legs; they are getting much stronger. As you can see in this pic I can do it on my own, but sometimes Daddy and Mommy give me a push here and there.

It is a much more active way of moving around compared to my stroller, and I am taking this much more seriously. In my stroller, I was able to take a nap here and then, but with my tricycle I have to look serious and look straight ahead onto the road. I can’t wait to get the bell so I can ring my way through the crowds and let them know that I am pushing through on my tricycle.

When I go to the park, I feel like I am the new sensation, the kid with the red tricycle they must call me. And if the kids are nice, I will let them ride around a bit, but just a bit because my tricycle has become part of my new lifestyle and goes with me wherever I go!