Canada Day Celebrations

July 1, Canada Day, this year was great fun. We went to various events. A few of the highlights were the military robot that would take paper out of my hand, yummy food and ice cream and, of course, the parade. We had a couple of flags that we were waving and some on our face and it felt just like before a hockey game.

I enjoyed the parade the most. Apart from police sirens and firetrucks, they had a green gaga (garbage truck). And many people were dancing as they walked past us and at one point I joined them. I started dancing in front of Daddy and Mummy and then decided to walk on just like the parade people. Three times my parents had to catch me on the way but the people loved it as they were cheering me on and taking pictures and videos. In a way, I was part of the parade too.

Then we had burgers and they said that there would be fireworks later on, but I had mixed feelings about them at the time as I know they can be a little loud and I don’t like loud noise very much. But in the end, we were all very tired from the long day and we ended up sleeping and missed the fireworks altogether. It was a fun day and I like the summer because there is so much to do!


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