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I’m a Hockey Player

June 6, 2011

I really like sports, whether it is T-ball (more commonly known as soccer), Basketball, or even American football, at least my version of it. But hockey has been one of my most favorite ones and especially now during the Cup fever here. Everybody is really excited about the Canucks and I have been practicing my own hockey skills.

Here I am at one of the coolest places in the summer called Kidzone. They got so many different activities for kids like me. At home I often play hockey with my Dad and Mom, where I am sometimes a player from the Canucks, Chicago or Sharks, and other times I am a goalie. Most of the moves I have copied from the games on TV.

Apart from playing I also enjoy “crowd surfing.” To go outside when our team has won a game and high-five many happy boys and girls and watch all those happy cars drive by. It goes crazy then and everybody screams. I like that best and then come home and play a little bit more hockey.