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Series-Watching and Dancing to the Tune

April 1, 2011

There have been many evenings of my favorite series “Six Feet Under,” but now that has come to an end. My favorite part is the opening credits with the fun music. In fact, I have developed my own special dance routine.

I also like the part where they have a birthday party with lots of candles and one scene where one of the guys says that he had a bad dream. I sometimes have bad dreams too and sometimes it’s my birthday and I blow out the candles, so I could relate to both those things.

Another opening I like a lot is also Dexter. That one I don’t dance to, but it has cool shots of him shaving, of red salsa, of Dexter eating an egg and flossing his teeth. Some mornings I have my breakfast just like Dexter.

I don’t actually watch these series, but I get excited when my parents do. My favorite programs are still cartoons and my all-time favorite is still “Cars,” with Lightning McQueen. He’s so funny! And just yesterday we had the “Incredible” family over, full of action and explosions.