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Gingerbread Boy

January 12, 2011


Christmas was great fun! We did many cool things like the Santa Claus Parade and the Bright Lights at Stanley Park. And I got to meet Santa for the first time! He was coming down the stairs shouting “hohoho” with bells ringing. He got me some gifts, not the gaga (= garbage truck) I had wished for but instead a car-wash with many cars. I have a great car collection now and one day I will write a post about it.

At the Gingerbread Lane in the Hyatt Hotel I got to pose as a a gingerbread boy. I like the yellow bow-tie best. They had a lot of gingerbread things there and all of them looked so yummy. I noticed that some smarties were missing on my gingerbread man (but it wasn’t me, I promise!).

Yet the bestest thing was the toy train they had running at that place. It went round and round. I’ve been a fan of trains ever since watching Thomas and Chuggington. I really like trains and can’t wait to be riding on one myself soon!