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My First Painting Endeavours

November 21, 2010








I have a new passion for painting as you can see above and you have one of my recent works as well. My parents say I have talent, but I don`t know about those things. I just know that I really enjoy painting.

And between my parents it is pretty unbalanced. My Dad may be able to do many things, but painting is surely not one of them! And on the other hand, my mother is very good at drawing and painting. So in this case I hope I am leaning towards my mother`s side! Well, anyhow, you decide. And perhaps, if I keep enjoying it like this I will be a painter one day. Or else a hockey player.




My Halloween 2010 Disguise!

November 13, 2010

For Halloween this year I chose this Tiger costume. It was simple but effective and I chose it because I like “Tigger” from Winnie the Pooh. I could roaaaaar like a Tiger and really scare people! I also had a hanging tail which you cannot see in the picture above.

We went to the mall with my grandparents and I saw many other kids dressed up and it was fun. There was not a lot of “trick or treating” for me this Halloween, but we had candy and colored popcorn, so that was good too. Next year I wanna be even scarier (maybe a lion?) and we will probably go from house to house in the search for yummy candy!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

November 11, 2010

I went to my very first hockey game and it was sooo much fun! At the beginning I was overwhelmed with all the flashing lights and the music! I didn`t know what to say or think at first, but one thing was clear: I liked it!

Then after the anthem, the game started and I got to see all the hockey players. Whenever the Canucks scored a goal, everybody jumped up and was really happy and they sounded this long loud horn. My only bad experience was the “churro incident.” My Dad had bought this super-big churro for me and I was really enjoying it while watching the game. But then suddenly, it fell down and nobody could reach it and so I was suddenly left without churros! (But my Dad bought me churros a few days later which I dipped in chocolate sauce and it was really yummy).

My Dad is a big hockey fan and he often watches it on TV. After my own live hockey experience, I am also following it and I imitate some of the hockey moves myself with my hockey-stick and I pretend to be skating on ice just like them. You see, I am a hockey player too!



Yes, Reading is Fun!

November 6, 2010

I have my own book collection … kinda like my Daddy. Well, maybe he has more but his usually don`t have many pictures just bunches of words. I don`t think they are as exciting as mine!

It`s also great to have friends that like books, especially librarians who bring you new books every once in a while. Most of my books are in English, but there are some in Spanish, too. I like it when my parents show me what some of those words say and they also teach me some of the sounds.

Reading is fun and I can already recognize some of the letters. My favorite letter so far is “M”, which I see in many places outside and I like to point it out to my parents. Also, I am pretty good at colors, some might even say I am better than my parents!


My Birthday Cake and Two Parties for Me!

November 5, 2010


This is my beautiful birthday cake, made by …ehem… me and also with the help of my mother. It not only looks but also tastes very delicious!

My birthday event was great fun! We had actually two parties … one with friends and the other with family. The good thing about that is more food and especially more presents for me!

I had a fun time on both events. The first one was rather loud and chaotic with many peopleĀ  talking at once and some kids running around and the second one with the family was equally fun and rewarding. I especially enjoyed the Happy Birthday songs on both occasions, one of them in French and another one in Farsi! It`s too bad that birthdays are only once a year because one can get used to them so easily … Anyhow, one turns two only once!