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Rocky Move Over: Here I come!

September 6, 2010

This is my impression of Rocky! I do run around a lot and am working out on the playground. I am slowly getting into shape by building sandcastles on the beach. And I can sense the breeze of victory all over my hair.

I am thinking of taking up karate perhaps sometime in the near future. It seems that my parents are not that comfortable with boxing so I cannot be Rocky in real life. They are also not really OK with me becoming a hockey-player because it is supposedly violent. All those overprotective parents!

But either way, my passion is soccer. I love kicking the ball around, in and outside, and my Dad often says that I`ve got good moves and that I have more soccer skills than he does. However, my mother is not so keen on soccer-players and prefers I play the violin. But for now, let`s just enjoy my Rocky pose!