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Today was my first official hair cut day!

August 23, 2010

My parents decided I was too hairy and took me to the barber`s. The place, however, was great fun. They have cars, motorcycles and planes and trains to sit in (I chose Thomas) and they also had lots of toys to play with. Some of the other kids cried but I could not understand why. It was really not that bad and afterwards it feels rather refreshing because my hair was beginning to bother me. And I got a lollipop for it.

The best thing was that they actually gave me a certificate for my official recognition of my first haircut, which is my first certificate, well after my birth certificate that is, but for that one I didn`t have to do that much. Anyhow, I say official because my mom had already given me an unofficial one in the past that, according to many experts, was not the best-looking haircut and made me look like a rapper!