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World Cup 2010 and my very own Soccer Skills

July 12, 2010

The World Cup may be over but I found my new passion this month: Soccer. My father was showing me hockey before that, we watched the Olympics and also some of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, especially involving the Vancouver Canucks. My Dad even bought me a hockey stick, but what I really like is kicking the ball around, indoors and outdoors – it makes no difference. I run around and raise my hands and shout goal. Well, actually it`s more like goaaaaaaaaaaal, the way they do it on TV. And my favorite word is “ball”. It`s called ball, not pelota.

We went downtown today and saw the World Cup final. I heard people dressed in red shirts waving a flag of the same color who were shouting in Spanish and dancing on the streets. It was all very inspiring and I think soccer is in my blood. I also like dancing and cooking. Who knows, maybe I will be a dancing and cooking soccer player!