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My Many Names and Identities!

September 1, 2009
Rapper Boy

Rapper Boy

My parents are a creative bunch indeed! My Dad says that he has been struggling for months to find an “appropriate” for me. He wanted it to be unique and interesting and rather international. It turned out to be a mix of my Dad’s and my Mom’s name.

In Mexico I had various names. I was Junam, the Junam Bomber, Uldarico Fidenzio (the first part courtesy of my auntie Paula), El Cabroncito, Papacito, Chiquito, Salchichita, Chachabel (based on a saint), El Chico Rico, el Chamaco.

Then when we came to Canada, it was Atom Bomber (not in use any more for political reasons), Pakura (this one only when I’m well behaved), Khoshquele Khoshquelam, Chekhabarehte, El Cocinero, Juna-delam, El Cachonero, Colita, El Calabaceiro, El Cundillero, El Orejotas, el Codon (opposite of Pakura when I am fussy or demanding).

Based on the photo I could also be Rapper G, or el rapero.