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Sweet Watermelon!

August 27, 2009
Me and my watermelon

Me and my watermelon

I have recently found a taste for watermelons. I really like them. My parents say that it’s good for my digestion because I haven’t been the most regular kind of babies.

This particluar watermelon is big and I did ride it for a while and tried to kick it like a soccer ball. But the skin is so thick that even if I had teeth I could not bite through it!


My very first classes

August 24, 2009
My Library Mother Goose Series

My Library Mother Goose Series

Where’s Waldo? Try spotting me in this interactive game and song.This has been one of my first encounters with other babies and also with songs and rhymes for babies like me. It was really great fun!

At first I was only observing. The two ladies at the library were very nice and patient with us. One of them called me Mr. Serious because I had a serious look as I was studying the situation.

Then once I got more used to it I ended up participating a little too and when the Mother Goose series ended I felt sad. But my parents say that the classes will start again in the fall. I am so looking forward to them!