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I’m too sexy for my shirt – or glasses

April 5, 2009
Looking cool!

Looking cool!

I know that I was born to be a model. Or else a rock star. I really enjoy posing for the camera and always try to look my best; you know, I want to find the best angle.

Apart from a superstar I am also considered an “official person” who will take his first international trip in a little more than a month because now I have my very own passport. This photo above unfortunately was rejected by the Mexican authorities for some reason. I have another one for the passport and since I cannot sign yet, I left my fingerprints on my first official document.

Anyhow, I want all babies out there to know that you look perfectly fine the way you are and that you should always demand your rights to constant milk, cuddles, kisses and outings in the park. And with a passport in your pocket, you are even free to travel all across the world (though I have been told that for now you still need to be accompanied by an adult and that some countries ask you for something called visas).