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My favorite music (Mozart, Beck … and Robbie Williams!)

December 22, 2008


Today Daddy entertained me with some music. Most of it was kinda weird so-so. But some of it sounded pretty good actually. I really like the Turkish March by this Mozart guy. It put a smile on my face. It’s such a happy song. I think when I’m old enough I will play either the violin or the  piano.

I also liked this other one … what’s his name … Beck I think. He’s a bit crazy (like my Dad) but it has a good sound. I don’t really understand what he is singing about. It must be important like philosophical stuff because my Dad likes him.

Yet the other day  I heard really cool music on TV! It was so good I simply had to dance to its rhythm. I don’t think my Daddy likes him judging by the sour look on his face. It was Rock DJ by Robbie Williams. I simply love the beats of it. I think I wanna be like him when I grow up; he’s my hero!  (Sorry, Dad ; )


Definitely Not a Fan of Vaccinations!

December 6, 2008
Thumbs up to TV and Tequila!

Thumbs up to TV and Tequila!

A couple days ago, on my two months anniversary actually, my parents decided to take me out and I (foolishly) assumed to celebrate the occasion. So I was all happy and smiling when they took me to this place called “seguro” and there were lots of people and even some babies waiting there.

But no, it wasn’t a surprise party! They took me to a room and this nurse gave me a couple of shots in my leg! And these are not the kind of shots one tends to enjoy. As you can see on my pic, now those shots, with some good TV programs can  help alleviate any kind of pain really.

Anyhow, my parents then took me to another room. I had cried a bit, but I was feeling happy again, when suddenly, during a change of diapers, they give me another shot! That one really hurt and was completely unexpected. Now whenever I get my diapers changed I get nervous and anxious. Maybe there is somebody with a needle hiding somewhere over there!

I like to make faces

December 1, 2008

Loving it

This is my content face wrapped up in my favorite leopard blanket. I do it when I like or enjoy something. It’s my way of showing interest and to let my parents know whether I like something or not. I am kinda picky and there are many things I don’t like.

I have noticed that whenever I do that my parents like it too and they usually run to get the camera and take a photo of me. Well, I guess that’s what most first-time parents are like (though so far I have never met any myself). I don’t mind it because I get spoiled being the first-born. So once in a while I make them happy by making funny faces at them. Adults are pretty strange that way.