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Milk is the best!

November 12, 2008
Nothing beats a warm bottle of milk

Nothing beats a warm bottle of milk

Nothing beats a nice warm bottle of milk. It relaxes me and fills up my tummy with delicious goodness. I have had my shares of tummy-ache and it’s very painful, I tell you. My parents always try their best to help me, but there is not much they can do. My doctor says it’s normal, but the good thing is that it will soon pass. Well, I hope it’s soon enough!

For a while they used to give me a little Chamomile tea. Bad idea! Because that would keep me awake throughout the day and sometimes at night. I would have all this burst of energy and be bored. I would want to play while my parents would insist on sleeping.

Yet nothing beats milk. I drink lots of it.  They say it will help me grow. It’s true. I already feel a little stronger now. But I am drowsy again. I wonder what they put in my milk! I think I’m going back to sleep!


The Talk of Town (Vancouver)

November 9, 2008
Grandmother and me a day before her departure

Grandmother and me a day before her departure

Yesterday my grandmother left; she went back to Vancouver. I’m going to miss her a lot, especially since she always talked to me in this funny but nice sounding language and she would always carry me in her arms and also sing to me!

But my parents say that they will take me to Vancouver next summer and that in the meantime my grandmother and the rest of the family can see me over the webcam. That depends mostly on my father though; he needs to go and buy it soon!

The best thing is though that I am the talk of the town back there and everybody is getting excited to meet me and to hold me in their arms. And that also means more presents for me, which I really look forward to!

My first excursion

November 3, 2008

My parents and my grandmother took me out yesterday, November 1, the famous Day of the Dead here in Mexico. I got to ride in my stroller and it was all so very exciting! I actually enjoyed it so much that I forgot all about my terrible stomachache that’s been bothering me lately.

We all went and took a photo with this nice but weird-looking lady in a funny dress though I was more interested in my delicious milk. And then we went to a restaurant called the Wizard where my grandmother drank Kiwi juice, which she enjoyed very much, and everyone had giant Tortas that they couldn’t even finish, while I was hanging out mostly in my stroller.

But I didn’t mind. The roads around here do need some better paving as the stroller would go up and down and at times I was scared I’d fall! My Dad’s driving skills are slowly getting better, but he should definitely be more careful around the curves. All in all, though, it was a magnificent day!